Do you?

Recently, the New York Times had an article titled “Why Science Majors Change Their Minds (It’s Just So Damn Hard)

Among the readers’ responses, one of the most popular came from “Plantgrl” in Boston, MA.

I quote it here  in full.

I’m also a University Biology professor and while I agree that students are often distracted and over committed, I think one of the main problems is a rather profound lack of preparation for college-level performance that students receive at average high schools. They are largely unprepared to self-motivate, organize their own studying schedules, and complete assignments. I recently participated in a summer course for promising high school students and I was really shocked at the low level of the work and the degree of hand-holding that was necessary. Leaving that environment and ending up in a 400 student introductory inorganic chemistry class must be a serious shock to their system. Science is hard. It’s not always intuitive and requires significant commitment from students. It also requires significant commitment from teachers to make the work accessible and exciting, but if your students are fundamentally unprepared, that often becomes impossible.”

I find myself that I agree with her 100%. Do you?



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